Vocational training facilities

‘Falguni Vocational Centre’ was started in the year 1997 when Mr. and Mrs. Bipin Shah donated money in memory of their daughter late Ms.Falguni Shah from Ahmedabad.

With just 8 students, various activities were started that included weaving, agarbatti making, candle making and hand work like embroidery/sewing and making of simple paper bags. Over the years the number of students taking part in such activities had increased and there was not enough space to accommodate more than 20 students, hence one more floor was constructed and a full fledged Vocational centre was developed in the year 2002-03.

Our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Niresh Daryanani for conecting us with supporters of spain.

We got help from various individual donors from India as well as from abroad. State Bank of India, Belapur assisted us with expensive equipment.

In the year 2003, home science activities were introduced to the vocational unit. To equip the students to the changing times, new activities were introduced and modern gadgets and equipment were installed. Weaving and agarbatti making activities were replaced by other activities like chocolate making, house keeping, vegetable cutting, making of seasonal items, handicraft items, grinding and packing of spices/ flour, jewelry making, paper bag making- fancy gift bags, eco friendly bags, gift and office envelopes.

In the year 2006, Project “Grow green” a nursery was inaugurated with the support of Rotary Club of New Bombay Hillside.

Presently there are more than 50 students attending the vocational training center. Our sincere thanks to Amway Opportunities who helped our organization in upgrading the unit by donating embroidery machine, screen printing frame, paper cutter and grinding machine.

The training program at the Unit focuses on discipline, independence, socialization and quality output. Only those products that meet the market expectations are sold at reasonable rates. The students are paid a stipend depending on their output and sale. This motivates them to perform well and boosts their confidence.

Products are sold during the annual exhibition and also stalls are put up in various corporate during festival seasons.

In the year 2010, “Swayam” a self help group of 15 Parents and students was started under Swami Brahmanand Parents Association. The parents and the adult person with Intellectual Disability (PWID) are engaged in making variety of spices and grinding of wheat & other grains. Exhibitions are held regularly by parents at various venues to sell their products.