Our future plans

we have now purchased a plot from CIDCO with the support of Mr. Sonu Vaswani (Koshumbh Charitable Trust). Rupa Properties is supporting us with the constructionof this premises.

Residential Home for adult mentally challenged

We plan to have residential facilities for adult mentally challenged who need a secure place, vibrant environment with enriching programs suitable for the inmates, parents, community, where everybody can live in harmony and enjoy a peaceful and good life.

Vocational training facility

The adult mentally challenged will be provided daily training and activities for their economic independence. Agro based vocation will include growing of plants and products based on plants. Making of handicrafts, computer skills, house keeping, home science, embroidery and needle works are some of the training facilities that will be provided to the inmates.

Sheltered Workshop

The inmates will be provided assisted living and vocational training facilities in a structured and supervised environment.

Respite care facility

In case of inmates not in need of residential facilities will when needed can be for part of the day or for selected period can live at the centre due to an emergency situation in the family. Respite care facilities will be provided accordingly.

Health care facilities

The possibility of health issues in the aging PWIDD cannot be over-ruled. Every individual has a right to quality life . Medical care facilities and Better living conditions to enjoy full and active life will be made available at the campus.

Early intervention and therapy support

An Early Intervention programme is for children in the age group 0 to 6years who are suspected or at risk of development delay. An effective early intervention services will include therapy, counselling and guidance to parents, home programme will enhance the development of children who are or at risk for development delays an Early Intervention programme.

Counselling and Guidance

Counselling and guidance is often required for parents, siblings and inmates. This service will be made available to the people living in the campus and also for people from the community too.

Spiritual Spa

The facilities to be provided will be of holistic in nature catering to the well being of every individual at the campus. With this in mind, a scared place for this purpose is the Spiritual Spa, where meditation, yoga, prayers, hymns, etc. will be conducted. It will be for solace and peace enabling fusion of body, mind and soul.