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It is important to send the child with special needs to a special school because special schools cater to children with special needs. The children get a structured, individualized program. The number of students is limited to a maximum of 10 or less. There are special trained teachers. Students are taught through practical methods, first hand experience, use of teaching aids hence the learning is made very interesting and goal oriented. The school environment is congenial for child’s growth and development.

All the special children cannot be taught the same thing. The needs of every person with MR are different, individualized educational program is prepared for every child after making assessment of what she/he knows, taking into consideration his/her needs and her/his abilities.

Mental retardation is not the same as mental illness. Person with Mental Retardation are slow in their mental development and therefore have difficulty in coping with the day to day activities and the normal pace of learning is affected. Where as, mentally ill people have normal development, mental illness can occur at any age even among the highly qualified people. The mentally ill people can be cured, but the person with mental retardation can only be trained in several skills but they cannot be cured.

Many parents believe that the marriage is the solution for curing the person with mental retardation since he might become active and the sexual satisfaction will cure him. Marriage can never solve the problem of mental retardation they can only aggravate the problems. They can never take the responsibility of their family since they cannot be totally independent. Marriage is a responsibility towards each other and also towards their family that special person may not be able to comply.

Yes, besides mental retardation, the person with mental retardation may have associated problems. Some of the most common medical problems encountered in the mentally retarded persons are epilepsy, hyper kinesis, physical handicaps, nutritional disorders, autism etc.

PwIDD is the new term used for Mental Challenged persons and it stands for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Many parents prefer to send their children to a normal school but one must understand that many normal schools may not have required facilities for PwIDD and the special child may not receive the proper training and consultancy; this may then hamper his development.

Objective of the training program is aims towards special goals. Special child needs a proper program that gives him opportunity to reach his maximum potential, instills confidence in him and train him to become contributing member of the community.

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