Teaching in a special school for me was God’s Providence. I have loved every moment of my time spent with special children irrespective of the various challenges that I have encountered. I believe my student to be my own and therefore I am concerned about their well-being and their happiness.

My firm belief is that nothing is impossible. We need to be focused and clear about our objectives. All we need is an ability to work hard, have honest and sincere efforts to complete task at hand. Everything has contributed to the success of the organization. Team work, learning from mistakes, confronting problems, facing challenges, sharing every little bit of success with everyone who have been in this journey of twenty five years and more importantly, the Grace of my Guru Swami Brahmanand who is always by my side.

It has been my endeavor to provide quality service to each and every special child who attends our institution. Every parent envisions that their child grow up to be a well educated and happy human being with good virtues. SBP believes in reaching that goal, therefore we have created a curriculum to develop life skills with a blend of various cultural activities.

The efforts of the professionals in discharging their responsibilities are always appreciated. Learning is a life long process. Training programs for staff are conducted regularly. Up gradation of the staff is done by conducting various in-house programs that keeps them abreast with the changing times. The efforts of both the teaching and non-teaching staff have played a very important role in the growth and development of the organization.

Parents are important team members and are equal partners in the running of the organization. Their involvement as volunteers, class representatives and various other capacities in the organizations has got them involved at the management level in our effort to provide quality service. Many parents of our students have shouldered the responsibility of raising funds for land, building, installation of CCTV cameras, organizing events for the staff, etc.

Efforts of various communities in supporting the project are highly appreciated. Technical help from architects, engineers, doctors, come voluntarily. Various individuals, social organizations, corporates supported us in different ways. This has helped in the construction and maintaining of school building and up gradation of infrastructures regularly. We also received support for the sponsorship program and medical support from well-wishers and friends. Extension of the second and third floor was possible because of our overseas donors from Spain, Bangkok and Pune. The sponsorship program initiated by our friends from Spain “WALK BESIDES ME AND BE MY FRIEND” has helped to provide free sponsorship and other financial support, for educational and extra curricular activities of the school. Contributions received towards nutrition program and medical expenses enable us to support our students for healthy living.

I am grateful to my family and friends who have encouraged me at every step. My eight years of service at my first job at ‘Anza Special School’ has also prepared me for my project. The trust bestowed on me by the management of the school gave me opportunities to learn administrative skills. It was here that I was destined to meet my life partner who supported me as long he lived. My friends from Anza special school still continue to help me even today.

I thank God for connecting me to all of them in this life. I bestow my heartfelt gratitude to all my special children, who gave me this opportunity to serve them in a way that equalizes my service to my Guru.

My sincere thanks to each one of you who have been with me in this journey.

Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan belongs to you all and I look forward to your support in its forward march in the years to come.


May Swamijees Blessings always be with you....

Mrs. Shirish Govekar Poojary
Managing and Founder Trustee
Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan